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Alice Marie Johnson Is Free At Last

Alice Marie Johnson says she's enjoying her freedom, but also wants to see other families reunited and experiencing the same freedom.

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Alice Marie Johnson returns to Birmingham for first time since Trump ended her life sentence

Johnson says she was in a very “hopeless situation” and she was able to “maintain hope.” Johnson had been sentenced to life in prison for her role in a Tennessee drug ring. She had served 21 years of a life sentence in an Alabama prison.

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3 women, sentenced to a combined 90 years in prison, granted clemency by President Trump

The women were granted clemency thanks to Johnson who recommended their names to Kardashian West. The three women, who are also mothers, are Judith Negron, Crystal Munoz, and Tynice Nichole Hall. They were granted clemency last month.

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Trump grants clemency to Crystal Munoz, former inmate friends with Alice Marie Johnson

A 40-year-old Texas woman was among nearly a dozen people granted clemency Tuesday by President Donald Trump after her case was championed by a woman who herself received clemency at the urging of reality TV star Kim Kardashian West.

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Stand Together community donates 100 million Satoshis to criminal justice reform
group – Taking Action for Good

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Alice Marie Johnson Is Now Fighting For Other People's Freedom

On her two year anniversary of being released from prison, Alice Marie Johnson explains why she's now fighting for others to be released.

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